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Conspiracy: Hats Make the Hero

Monday, December 30th, 2013

You’ve got to listen to me. I mean it this time too. I found out the reason for the successes for all those new Champions that have cropped up of late. And it’s not some secret training regieme or techniques. These aren’t a bunch of child geniuses that just happened to spring up these last few years.

It’s the fact that they all wear headwear. And I believe it’s the reason why they’re so- hey, don’t click away now!

[Image: il_340x270.458651158_4uai.jpg]
Such terrible power is contained here. Really.

Conspiracy: The Master Ball

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Uh-oh.  Once again the familiar, paranoid mumbling from the cardboard box down the street is getting louder. In order to protect the ears of innocent bystanders, we’ve promised to publish another one of her rants – but it’s not like there isn’t more where it’s coming from… It’s all very interesting in many ways, so you may want to pop over to the boards to discuss it. Just be careful not to mention the words “Master Ball” while she’s around.


You know how we justify the sport of catching Pokémon with a variety of nonsense like “the Pokémon I catch are my friends” and “they have choice whether they’re caught or not”? Well, that’s how it used to be, for sure. Back in the apricorn times, it was entirely up to the Pokémon’s goodwill whether they were caught or not. But then someone went and broke the system by inventing something. Something purple.

Something by the name of the Master Ball.


Conspiracy: How We Brainwash Pokemon

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Every so often, this person [pictured below] starts shouting stuff from their cardboard box down the street at people. To get them to shut up we offered to publish some of their words here. She also says she is keen to discuss more crazy ideas on our forums, but if you’re interested we advise taking earmuffs all the same.


Guys, Plasma were on to something, I tell you. They knew something nobody else did, about how we forced Pokemon to work for them, how we enslaved them. And you know one of the sneakiest ways we do this?