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Pokémon Places: Mt. Pyre

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Through the generations we have traveled, we’ve found interesting places. Of course, breathtaking sights and treacherous passes are common in and around the regions. But ‘interesting’ includes other stuff. Stuff that frightens you, stuff that brings you sorrow. And one such place to take into consideration is Mt. Pyre, the eerie mountain-graveyard of the Hoenn region. There’s a lot of history stored in this site, and this place may yet tell many unheard tales of the Hoenn region. Standing on the top of this mystic Mt. Fire will set your soul ablaze… wait, what am I saying? I meant Mt. Pyre, yes, and it’s not going to do anything like that! Read on, if you would like the reassurance.


Pokémon Places: Chargestone Cave

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Generation V is no longer the latest generation with the release of X and Y. Still, it leaves a pretty interesting case of routes and caves to cross. You may remember the wonderful sights and experiences you’ve had in the region. Skyarrow Bridge, Marine Tube, Undella Bay… those are the type of places whose sights you’d see for keeps! You do know what comes along with them right? Dangerous caves and perilous routes! Take, for example, Char-me-to-stone Cave. Or was it Chargestone Cave? I forgot which… take into account our next salvage of an experienced individual’s guide to unexplored places!


Pokémon Places – Lost in Viridian Forest

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Let’s talk of the place where the golden era of Pokémon started – Kanto. You’ve been to Viridian City and Pewter City, I suppose? Then you’ll know exactly how annoying Viridian Forest could get had you not trained your Pokémon. Have you perhaps tried to go back there… to get a Pikachu to beat Misty? Let’s rush back to Viridian City… oh the horror, we can’t go back into Mt. Moon again, that ledge is blocking your way! Anyway, let’s look deep into the world of the Very Damned Forest. Did I get that wrong? Fine, Viridian Forest.