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The Top 5 Worst Ideas for an OC

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

In the writing career of most fanfiction writers, there comes a time when you wish to write a story in which a character of your own creation appears. Some writers only work with their own characters. Some use mostly canon characters, but then add in some with their own touches. Some only use their original characters as very minor characters. Either way, most writers do end up creating a character of their own sooner or later.

As it turns out, that’s not very easy. No, seriously. You need practice in that type of thing, and not many people are willing to go through the trouble of mastering this process. Simply because you like your OC doesn’t mean it’s a good OC – it could mean that, but in many cases it also doesn’t. This is especially evident because many writers want to take shortcuts and make things easy for themselves instead of going through the effort of fleshing out their characters and making them believable.

Here are five ways to create an original character that you should use if you really don’t want people to take you or your characters seriously.