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Black and White’s Story – A genuine breakaway from formula?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Many know that Pokemon Black and White was billed as having a more intricate and engaging story compared to previous games, coupled with entertaining characters. And it is certainly true that in many aspects it is better. For instance, most of the gym leaders in this game actually had a hand in the main story, doing daring things like chase Plasma about, which is more than say the likes of Sabrina when Team Rocket ran riot in Sliph Co. Or for that matter most of the other gym leaders which had until recently been quite content sitting inside their gym, waiting for you to go beat them up on your quest to being the best. The rivals also had interesting personalities and their own hopes and dreams and conflicts.

But what about examining it all in depth?


An Ace Trainer’s Guide to Pokemon Training: The PC and You

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

The resident Ace Trainer has decided to share a few of his special secrets about training in his new An Ace Trainer’s Guide to Pokemon Training! Be sure to follow and read each entry carefully to possibly become as cool* as him.
*Coolness not guaranteed.

The PC and You

One of the most important tools a trainer has at his or her disposal is the PC. The PC allows you to store and withdraw both Pokemon and items, all digitally. This is so you don’t disturb others with your massive herd of Pokemon, like me before I started using the PC. There are dozens of uses for the PC, but only the main functions will be discussed here.