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Pokemon Olympics: A Recap!

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The Pokemon world has just concluded its Pokeathlon Olympics, and what a week of leaping, running, swimming, teamwork and general bashing-up-each-other it was! Trainers came from all over the globe to duke it out against each other for that shiny gold medal. And let’s not take away from the silver medalists and those who netted shameful, shameful bronze either!

This year’s events went fairly smoothly, all things considered. The big four regions of Japan has a strong showing again, and Unova’s trainers this time performed better than the previous Olympics in the initial events giving themselves more time to recover from jetlag. The rangers of Fiore and Almia had a respectable showing as well, although some still hold that using Pokemon that they don’t actually own in a Pokeball was merely exploiting a loophole in current rules. Orre had a modest number of participants this year as Shadow Pokemon were no longer allowed due to the large number of injuries and broken javelins (an event that was also cancelled for the year, along with Dodgeball with Qwilfish), but a few medals were still taken out by the desert nation.

A small riot had broken out in Goldenrod (where many of the participants stayed in) when it was discovered the Game Corner had been replaced by Voltorb Flip, and the nearby National Park is now seeking damages from having hosted a few side events (both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s Bug-catching competition had to be cancelled), but otherwise it was a success all around, and one simply cannot wait for the next Olympics!

Below is a few of the highlights in events this year.