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Gotta Snag’em All: The Making of the Snag Machine

Friday, September 27th, 2013

This is Scientist Richard for Team Snagem. I’ve been hired by the company to create some sort of “Snag Device”. Its purpose will be to steal Pokemon from other trainers, by changing a PokeBall into a SnagBall. This will be a huge technical undertaking. Since PokeBalls were invented by Kurt from Azalea Town, they’ve been designed to catch only wild Pokemon. I’ve decided to either create some sort of machine to convert PokeBalls, or  an entirely new ball. The latter option seems a much better one, as it’ll be much easier to do. I’ll just have to make a few modifications to a PokeBall, as opposed to making an entire machine. Here is a short catalogued analysis of my findings.


Gabby and Ty’s Special Nurse Joy Interview

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Without Pokémon Centers (let’s say PokéCenters for short) we’d be somewhere in Ilex Forest bowing to that ruddy Weedle and pleading him for mercy and not to poison poor old Chikorita, since you don’t have that Antidote with you. Or the possibilities go to old school running away from Beedril. Whenever she says, “We hope to see you again!”, it’s as if she knows you’re going to come back to heal that wounded Piplup. She also sweetly informs you when a double EV intake virus known as “Pokérus” is affecting your Pokémon. And also Brock. Him and his Nurse Joy flirting may have caught you. Nice, isn’t she? But she never gets any attention… so we think. Who is this nice lady in person…? Let’s go to a PokéCenter (I’m not telling you where on request of Nurse Joy) and clear the rumours. (more…)

Top Ten Most Annoying Pokemon of All Time (until generation six)!

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Just like the title says, we will be collecting some of the most annoying pokemon and attempting to organize them into some sort of top ten. After some extensive research and lots of polling, I found a wide range of pokemon excelling in the art of making people rip their hair out. After narrowing them down, we have our list. These pokemon are the best of the best. Hundreds of screams, tears, and broken consoles are left behind in their wake. Brace yourselves, for the most annoying pokemon of all time are near. Please remember that this list is simply one person’s opinion and no matter how right and perfect I seem to be, individual lists will vary.


Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo Works!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

As before, we’re wrapping up the Lotad-related articles with a list of works made by fans! Think of it of a collection of cool stuff to be found on the internet for this line.

If you have any others you know of, then mention it in a comment, and we might add it into this post. And if you have made one yourself or want to create one, why not post one on the forum? Meanwhile, we’ll be working on more articles, including the next line to be examined in the Pokémon Analysis line of articles.