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Pokémon Places: Chargestone Cave

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Generation V is no longer the latest generation with the release of X and Y. Still, it leaves a pretty interesting case of routes and caves to cross. You may remember the wonderful sights and experiences you’ve had in the region. Skyarrow Bridge, Marine Tube, Undella Bay… those are the type of places whose sights you’d see for keeps! You do know what comes along with them right? Dangerous caves and perilous routes! Take, for example, Char-me-to-stone Cave. Or was it Chargestone Cave? I forgot which… take into account our next salvage of an experienced individual’s guide to unexplored places!


Nicknames for Pidove, Tranquil and Unfezant!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Now it’s time for nicknames for the Pidove line, following the article we wrote on it! After all, the Name Rater wants to see what you have to offer. He’s been twiddling his thumbs over an old discarded phone book, so we feel he could use the distraction of some names to rate.

Leave a comment suggesting a name or few for each of these Pokemon, and perhaps why you came up with those names as well. Maybe other readers will like your suggestions and use them in their games, after all! You have at least a week to do so before the Name Rater casts his judgement, so get them in!

Gym Reviews: Kanto

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Hello, readers. My name’s Bill, and I’ve been running the operations of the construction company Brick ‘n’ Break for the last few years. And we’re the best of the best. Well, the best available anyways. The Leagues seem to think we’re the best, so that’s what counts.

You see, we’re the crew responsible for setting up those Gym puzzles you Trainers have to navigate to get to that Gym Leader. Not that we came up with the layout ideas. No, that’s up to those fickle Gym Leaders. But we work around their requests and make a new creation every few years or so for them, on request of the Leagues. And let me tell you, if you’re looking for a career in construction work, any work sanctioned by the League works out very well on the financial side. Maybe not so much in health cover, but those are the risks that come with the job!

This here’s my own personal recount on what we did for each of the Gyms, starting with the Kantonian Gyms. For a number of these I talk about two designs, as the Leagues request we perform maintenance and sometimes entire updates every so often if the Gym Leaders want something new. Some say that’s hardly cost effective, but there’s some reasons for that. An older Gym design gets around after a while, and trainers can just go look it up on the internet and walk straight in with a plan in place. And Gym Leaders hate that sort of thing.