Wynaut/Wobbuffet Works!

So while now you can bask in the glory of Wyatt’s image every time you read an article here, there’s some other works with Wynaut and Wobbuffet in them that also deserve a spotlight. Here’s a few of them for your pleasure!

If you have any others you know of, then mention it in a comment, and we might add it into this post. And if you have made one yourself or want to create one, why not post one on the forum? We’re currently having a forum birthday event spree, and any Wynaut or Wobbuffet that get created during the week will get featured here as well! How’s that for free advertising of your work? Plus Wyatt will be happy too.

The Battle of All Ages
Written by IceKing of Serebiiforums

Scroll down for a bit in the first post and you’ll be able to enjoy a battle that answers that deep burning question; what happens when a Wynaut and Wobbuffet are in a one-on-one trainer battle?

The Origin of Storms
Written by Sike Saner

This neat if at times dark chaptered fic follows a Wobbuffet which is recovering from his trainer’s death. Shines in character interactions and does flashbacks well to boot.

“Why Not?”
By Zapp Rowsdower

A neat poem that imitates the style and structure of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, only with more wynaut. Because, well, why not?

Wynaut doodle
By ~Haychel of DA

This piece of art is pretty well drawn for a doodle, and full of bright warm colours. And a very happy looking Wynaut.

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  1. NuzleafFTW Says:

    READ THE BATTLE OF ALL AGES!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!

  2. bobandbill Says:

    It is indeed pretty entertaining, agreed. After all that’s why we suggested it, heh.

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