The Name Rater: Pidove/Tranquil/Unfezant

Welcome! Here I am, the… Name Rater. Yes, it says it right here on this name tag. But where did I get it from…oh, no matter.

I’ve grown tired of trying to come up with nicknames for every person in Goldenrod going by this phone record book, so I decided I’ll humour you but rating your offerings for the Pidove line. And I heard that they’re letting Pokémon have longer nicknames now. I suppose that allows for more possibilities!

Pidove Only

I like this name, not just for Pidove but the whole line. It’s a fitting name for a bird to begin with, and also works well with the move Pluck.

I’m quite partial to pie myself. Mmm, pigeon pie… uh, anyway. I suppose it is a decent reference to the heart shape on the Pokémon in the name. A pity you can’t go the maths way either with the Pi part, unless we’re talking about a very bright Pidove…

Tranquil Only

Tran and squeak? Did you name your Tranquil because it squeaks? A bit confusing, this one.

This is a good use of the first part of the name and the fact it is a female. Although I think Nidoqueen would dislike the attention taken from its own species name.

Unfeazant Only

Male (survived quite a lot of battles!)
A meaningful name from personal experience! That’s neat, and worth some points there. Sadly doesn’t work too well if it ever does get knocked out.

Female (flies like a breeze!)
If it flies like a breeze though, then it sounds like it doesn’t with the Un part leading in a way. Neat concept in using breeze in the name, but the execution is not quite there.

How about Unpleasant? I don’t know why, it just sounds funny.
Because your Pokémon will certainly not be pleasant with you if you call it that. Although maybe it’s ideal if you just want to annoy it. Hehe, take that, bird.

Nicknames for all forms!

I like the sound of this name for the line, to be honest. Nice suggestion there. Benedict means blessed, so for a Pokemon loosely based on doves at some point this fits.

And yet another meaningful name – roughly translates to angel-bright, which has some link again to the dove and its symbolism. Plus this name is fun to say!

A nice sounding name, but not quite as fitting as the above two. Luckily it fits the character limit in all games – just. But I’m worried for the Pokémon – would it be able to say or understand such a name?

I have a female one named “Ala”, which is italian for wing. I thought of naming her “Asa” (which is portuguese for wing), but idk why I’ve named her that… xD
Ala is short and simple, and meaningful-in-other-languages names are neat. That’s because people don’t usually know so if they ever ask you can explain it to them and feel really smart about yourself! And sometimes someone will know and say so and you can high five each other. But anyway, the name does fit, but let us not forget that there is more to a Pidove than a wing. It has two of those. And a head. That’s worth something!

Maximus Decimus Meridius
Maximus Decimus Meridius because why not
Because… of the character limit, for starters. To be honest, the name of a character played by the actor Russell Crowe might have worked better for, say, Murkrow. But I don’t see Pidove being a Roman gladiator, to be honest…

Why? I need to explain, seriously?
Fine… well here goes. You know what Pokemon I like? Pidgeot. He was the original Flying/Normal, and I love all of mine, from Sawyer to Yegdip to Flutters. I also love Noctowl for being a drug dealer in the anime and Swellow for being a drunken Scotsman. However, Staraptor was just boring and Unfezant was just a continuation of that. Now, here’s where the name gets clever. Unfezant is just a cheap copy of Pidgeot, and there are quite a few of those (Staraptor, Braviary, etc), so it’s like the “Pidg” part is from Pidgeot, and the “307″ spells out “eot” (3=E, 0=o, 7=t), so it’s like saying it’s the three hundred and seventh Pidgeot.
Sorry, I got lost after the mentions of a drug dealing Noctowl. An explanation need not be a life story, youngster! I’ll also mention that these sort of nicknames will not turn your Pokemon into a Pidgeot. Trust me, I tried. Alas, poor Mewtwo the Bidoof…

My personal recommendations!

Bernice – for those who like references to Sesame Street pigeons. Bert approved.
Birdbrain – for the particularly stupid Pidove.
Pandora – because seriously what bird are you even based on make up your mind.

Written by bobandbill.
Edited by Hoenn and Slayr231.

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