Pokémeme Extravaganza!

When it comes to memes, the Pokemon fandom reigns supreme. Not only is the Pokemon fandom one of the biggest fandoms out there, but there are a lot of reasons to poke fun at the franchise. One way many people do this is by the use of memes. From Ash’s weird ability to never learn anything to empty Pokedexes, the range of topics for these memes are enormous. Much too broad for the scope of one simple article. Instead, we’ll be diving into some of the more popular trends and just how these exactly came to be.


[Image: Ash%20meme%204.jpg]
Pikachu, use thunderbolt!

Oh Ash, there are so many things about you that we love. Love to make fun of, that is. Ash is often depicted as a clueless trainer that can’t quite seem to grasp hold of reality, which isn’t entirely false.

[Image: Ash%20meme%201.jpg]
I’m just happy he remembers to dress himself every morning.

We often see from the anime that Ash often forgets everything from entire evolutionary families…

[Image: Koffing_scan_small.png]
“What’s that Pokemon?” That would be a Pikachu, Ash…

…to what Team Rocket looks like with moustaches. I mean seriously? You must have seen Jessie and James forget to shave a thousand times already.

[Image: Team%20rocket%20with%20mustaches.jpg]
The moustache looks better on Jessie.

Get those running shoes ready and hold down that “B” button, because the fandom is ready to run with this trend to the end of the Earth.

[Image: ash%20meme%205.jpg]
You showed them! I’m sure they’ll never come back this time!


[Image: brock2.png]
He was paid to say that.

Do you guys remember Brock’s best lines? Yeah, his eyes are awesome, I know! Not as popular as Ash, but still one of the most popular meme trends out there, Brock often finds his niche within the fandom relating to his eyes (or lack thereof)…

[Image: Brock%20meme%201.jpg]
That shirt really brings out his… eyelids?

…and his obsession with almost every lady on the face of the planet.

[Image: Brock%20meme%204.jpg]
C’mon ladies! He rocks!

Poor Brock, after flirting with hundreds, or more likely thousands, of girls you would expect at least one to fall for him. Well, I guess that one frontier brain did start to like him, but a woman who annihilates trainers’ hopes and dreams as a living obviously doesn’t have the courage to admit a crush. Better luck next time Brock. Maybe if you stayed with your gym, women might have seen that you were able to commit.

[Image: follow_small.png]
Well, Ash did meet a lot of females on his journey…

Professor Oak

[Image: oak_small.png]
But don’t make it faint, that’s mean.

Forget Santa Clause people, you want to know who really watches you in your sleep? It’s none other than the good ‘ole Professor Oak! How he found you deep underground lost in that cave trying to pull out your bike is a mystery to me, but it’s better not to question it.

[Image: Professor%20oak%20meme%202.jpg]
“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…”

From empty Pokedexes…

[Image: Empty%20pokedex.jpg]
What exactly are you spending your research money on?

…to forbidden bicycle rides, Professor Oak easily finds his way into memes across the internet. Whether or not he would like to appear in those memes is a different story, especially since many of said memes expose his underground child labour ring for what it truly is.

[Image: bestresearcher_small.png]
What could possibly go wrong?

Oh well, at least he remembers that his grandson’s name is Douche.

[Image: Professor%20oak%20meme%204.gif]
Look on the bright side! There is none!

And speaking of which…

Gary (Enter explicit thing about mothers here) Oak

[Image: Gary%20Oak%20Winner.gif]
I think he came in second.

Out of all the Pokemon memes, not a single trend has been extended more than Gary Oak.

[Image: gary%20train.gif]
It’s an electric train, so there’s no Ash.

It all started when Gary’s game counterpart Green was a total douchebag all throughout the game. This trend only strengthened in the anime as Gary is often seen in a corvette crammed with all these bikini models at the age of ten.

[Image: Gary%20Oak%20Car.gif]
He’s on victory road.

Now there are countless memes all about Gary Oak and his special dose of badassery. From collecting ten out of the eight badges in Kanto…

[Image: Gary%2010%20badges%20blurred.jpg]
10/9 professors recommend a good dose of Gary Oak every day.

…to vandalizing public property with “Gary was here, Ash is a loser!”…

[Image: gary%20was%20here.jpeg]
I’m starting to think this Gary guy doesn’t like Ash.

And did he get fined with defacing public property for that incident? No, because he’s Gary (enter explicit thing about mothers here) Oak, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

[Image: Gary%20Oak%20Deal%20With%20It.gif]
Smell you later!

Written and compiled by Slayr231.
Edited and suggestions by An-chan, Bay Alexison, bobandbill, Hoenn and Richard Fightmaster.

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