Pidove/Tranquill/Unfezant Works!

As before, we end our articles on the Pidove line with a collection of fanworks of the Pokémon! While Tranquill suffers from being the middle bird of the ever-present token Normal/Flying bird of a generation, we even managed to find a few nice pieces for you to enjoy of that stage. Meanwhile, given the two gendered forms of Unfezant, there was a lot to choose from for that Pokémon!

Follow the links to visit the source page for the work, and maybe see if any other works by the artists catch your interest too!


By Pidove

Woah, a talking Pidove! The art is simple, but it’s a cheerful piece, and this lil’ bird seems rather friendly, helped by its wing-waving pose. And that’s not a typo – the artist did indeed call themselves Pidove!

By The-Chibster

What’s cuter than a Pidove? A Pidove with a hat! It’s a unique art style compared to many other Pokemon works you tend to see. It even comes with a small messenger bag.

By starrley

I imagine if you knew someone who liked Pidove a lot that this would be a neat present for them! Accurate representation of the Pidove in this different art form, and it’s not going to Fly off on you too. The white outline doesn’t look that great on it, in my opinion, but that’s probably not helped by the zoom-in shot of the necklace.

By Medical-Hitmonchan

This Pidove, however, is clearly rather riled up. I don’t think I’d want to receive a letter from this bird, right now anyhow. Decent pose for mid-flight, although given Pidove have only three claws per foot with two in the front and one behind, I’m not quite sure if it’s holding that letter correctly. Maybe that’s why it’s so upset. Although if you want to find out, there’s actually a segment of a story below the image if you follow the link!

By YoruKaiga

There’s something amusing about a confused Pidove visualising smaller birds going around their head. It does also beg the question on if confused birds see smaller birds… It’s neat to see one fluffed up as if it is indeed wet, and the expression on the lower left Pidove fits its thought bubble too.

By Volcano-Queen

Nice colours here on the Pidove in question, bemoaning the lack of Pokepuffs or Pokeblocks or what have you. I’m sure it’ll make do with some breadcrumbs though. It also seems somewhat distracted – maybe a trainer plans to catch it, too. The grass around it has nice shades of green too, even if it is simplistic (but then it’s hardly the focus of the drawing).

By 殺紀 (pixiv)

Another work on Pidove that isn’t just a drawing – instead, pieces of cloth have been cut and put together to recreate the standard Pidove pose. The artist has a few other works like these of other Pokémon which may be of interest as well.

By しらは (pixiv)

This picture appears to be created to appear as a photo, as if an innocent photographer had been suddenly sprung on by that Pidove. It’s the stray feathers that help reinforce that impression, along with the slight blur effect at the edges of the picture on the Pidove’s wings.

By キハラ  (pixiv)

What’s better than one Pidove? Or two, for that matter? A pile of Pidove! Well, unless you have to clean up after them. They’re a cute bunch though, with a variety of facial expressions to enjoy there, from the one to the left of the topmost bird, to the flattened Pidove on the bottom and middle of the picture. It isn’t clear why there’s 810 at the top, and some other Pidove artwork over on Pixiv had this number mentioned too, but maybe one of those Pidove know why.

By No.017@フォルクローレ (pixiv)

An interesting angle chosen here, casting this flock as somewhat menacing. Especially if you’re, say, a worm. It’s a nice view, and it’s also nice to see that they don’t all have the same pose. The one sticking out its tongue for instance adds a nice touch (but again, not if you are a worm).

The Silver Mountain (Chapter 9)

By Elizabeth The fun.atic

A shipping fic, in which each chapter is in the point of view of one of the main characters. Except this chapter, in which a Pidove tells the story for a moment. They interact with a few other Normal/Flying type Pokemon as well, and the author does well to keep one reminded of that fact by mentioning beaks, or a Pokémon folding their wings grumpily.


By All0412

This was described as ‘a gem’ during our hunt for works for Tranquill, and it’s a fair enough comment too. The background is very nice – the clouds are interesting in composition, and although there’s a sunset it isn’t overdone. The Tranquil has an intriguing expression as well as it zooms past there.

By PEARL7 (pixiv)

This Tranquill appears to be starting a Flying type attack after having performed a twirl. The tail might be a bit exaggerated in length, but the wings look rather well drawn, and the colouring appears to be done nicely too.

By 「HARU」 (pixiv)

A standard pose for a Tranquil, but the colouring by the markers for it is nice enough for a mention here. No white gaps, and everything is within the sharp lineart. It’s a pity that the image appears to be cropped from the scan that was made however.

By victorcustomizer

A model of a Tranquil, handmade from biscuit (cold porcelain). The artist has a number of other, small models of Pokémon too. The shot of the back of the wings in the bottom right corner seems to show the paint job that was done the best.

By yumeyoroshii

A nice drawing of a female Tranquill the artist had used in their game during a Nuzlocke run, complete with comic if you follow the links on the picture’s page. The style on the feathers is nice, and  the expression and pose seems fitting for the species as well. A simple background that does convey that this is a flying type Pokémon.

By アホップル  (pixiv)

This artist has made a number of stamps of Pokemon across multiple gens, and here’s a nice example of this. The example print comes out pretty well, and it is a neat replication of the official art for the Pokemon as well. The stamp itself is pleasing to look at.


By Kawayoo (TCG)

Now this is certainly a gorgeous setting! The background is very pretty, but luckily this Unfezant isn’t dominated by everything there as well. If you’re thinking the art here is rather professional, you’d be right too – this art comes straight from a Pokemon Trading Card.

By きちり (pixiv)

A nice play on the heart/love motif there, especially given it’s involving the wings which by themselves don’t have that theme of the Pokemon within it! I just hope they aren’t stuck together or anything. That could be awkward.

By Landylachs

A very pretty image of a male Unfezant here. The detail on the feathers – and the colouring of them – is impressive, and the warm background colours really helps make the image dynamic. Even the claws look realistic in size and pose.

By Macuarrorro

A crayon drawing, and despite the occasional, minor white gap here and there, a very colourful and pretty one. Both genders feature here, a common theme of Unfezant art, and who can blame an artist for making that choice? It’s a good theme to go for, and they contrast well. Perhaps the poses here could differ more from their official art, but they are certainly accurately replicated, and the colour is quite striking considering the choice of crayon.

By NagoshiAshumari

A nice different sort of style going in in this picture, with rather thick lines in places (such as with the head plumage). Speaking of which they stand out in this image and look well drawn, while the Unfezant’s expression seems to fit that of its previous evolution’s name.

By Alaena-H

A romantic art piece, with a title to match (‘Fly with Me’). There are some flaws – the background’s contrast could have been better in the artist’s opinion (as stated in their comment on the picture’s page), and the shading job on the Tranquil is somewhat simplistic, with the wings looking a bit bare. But it’s still a nice drawing despite that, and the flying poses and expressions of the two birds is sweet to look at. Indeed, it all looks quite natural there, and is the strong point of the drawing.

By Twime777

A sweet picture, bathed in green. Again, another angle on the male and female birds being together was used here. The expression on the birds is fitting for the situation, and the nest is quite a work in itself – the leaves there are individually created, taking 4-5 hours in of itself. Now that’s some effort!

By Sandio

An Unfeazant caught mid-flight. The colouring and shading on this work is solid, although the pose does look a touch awkward. The clouds making up the background are nice to look at – all wispy and looking rather like how clouds should, even with their thick outlines.

By BernieKat

Not a bad action to use for a drawing. Here the Unfezant is using Air Cutter, and the effect used to represent that attack is simple but nice nonetheless. The bird itself may look a little untidy in its composition, but it’s still a pretty neat drawing. The background doesn’t distract from it either, and so rather does its job well.

By BeastCrafter

A nicely detailed take on a female Unfezant, which is giving a somewhat fierce expression back at you. The colouring is solid, and the wing and tail feathers seem to be particularly well done, as are the claws. This was supposedly a practise at bird anatomy, and it seems to be a pretty good start in my opinion.

By B-luejay

A take on the shiny form of Unfezant, where the artist has drawn a bit of themselves as if they were an Unfezant. A shiny form mightn’t be the most modest choice with that, but it does appear that they seem confident with such a decision given the pose and expression. And there’s no mistaking the gender even if you forget which form of Unfezant is the female one, either.

By PEARL7 (pixiv)

The more attentive reader would notice that this is the second entry in this article by PEARL7 from the Japanese art site Pixiv. One supposes they quite like the line to draw multiple pictures of them! The flame-like effect going on behind and around them helps make the image dynamic, and their poses help with that too. Probably not a duo of birds you want to mess with!

All of them

By fishcycle

The evolution line, all nicely well…lined up. It does look a touch odd that positioned like this the Pidove is a bit larger than the others, even if Unfezant is, to be fair, sitting down. But the poses are neat, and the style used for these drawings is unique as well, offering a different perspective on the line.

Artist Unknown

Do you know the person who played with their food and made this instead of simply eating it? If so, check their appetite, and compliment their skills! The closest we got was this site. These are neat Pokemon themed Bento meals. Whoever made these did a good job on not only designing the three Pokemon, but making them with some expressive poses too. The Pidove’s waving at you, while the Tranquil frowns at the notion of being eaten.

That wraps this collection up! Do you know of any other works involving the Pidove line that warrants mention here? Then please drop a comment about it!

Written by bobandbill
Works compiled by An-chan, bobandbill, Jess, and Hoenn
Edited by Bay-Alexison, bobandbill, and Slayr231

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