Fashion Focus – Team Magma and Team Aqua

Hello and welcome to Fashion Analysis, where I discuss what’s hot in fashion! For today I’ll be talking about the villainous teams from the Hoenn region, Team Magma and Team Aqua. Both teams not only went through different outfits, but staff changes too! Makes things more exciting, don’t you think?



The uniforms for Team Aqua’s grunts is fairly simple overall. Both the guys and ladies have blue bandanas and pants with the team’s logo imprinted on them. They also wear black and white striped shirts, with the ladies’s a little smaller. The grunts look more to be sailors than pirates, although there probably isn’t too much of a difference between them!

The outfits for Team Aqua’s admins, Shelly and Matt, are slightly different from the grunts. Shelly’s pants has the symbols orange instead of white. That’s unusual as the colors didn’t match. She also has on a vest over a black shirt, which compliments her well. Matt is often seen having only a vest and his bare chest showing, but he sometimes wears a sports shirt. I think I prefer him with a sports shirt because the design is simple but works for him.

Team Aqua’s leader, Archie, wears an all black outfit saved for his bandana. He also has a chain necklace and the Team Aqua logo attached to his clothing. Have to say, he looks pretty good like that! As a leader, it works well for him. I don’t usually comment on someone’s facial hair, but Archie’s beard could use some trimming.


Well, this is quite a drastic change from the simple outfits the grunts were wearing before. Both the men and women have torn clothing to go with the pirate theme, so it makes me wonder why they didn’t do that in the first place. The men’s pants are the same color as before while the women’s pants are black. I would prefer if the women’s pants are the same length as the men’s instead of very short like that. The stripes are blue, making the shirts brightly colored, while the bandannas are black. Now that I think about it, the colors of the bandannas and the stripes have been switched. The grunts are also wearing stockings with the designs matching their shirts. The shoes are oddly designed, though if you’re a villain team that wants to expand the ocean then it works. Practically sometimes does have to come before fashion. 

Team Aqua apparently has a staff change, though they’re still named Shelly and Matt. I wonder if that’s their real names or Archie calls them by those names. Anyways, enough of that. Shelly’s new outfit is much more bold than the last admin’s clothing, although I have a few issues. Are what she’s wearing pant-boots? I don’t see those too often. It’s also designed to have some skin showing; I’m not a fan of that particular choice. Her gold buckle also seems a little too flashy for my tastes. Matt also has those unusual pant-boots and gold buckle. He has no shirt on, like the admin before him, with Team Aqua’s logo tattooed on his chest. I can think a few reasons why that isn’t a good idea, especially if he’s in a relationship with someone.

Dear lord, where do I start? Is that a wetsuit Archie’s wearing? Like the grunt’s new shoes, I guess it has it uses. He too also has the golden buckles along a large gold necklace. I much prefer the simple chain necklace he had on before. I’m not sure what is attached to the golden buckles, likely some kind of tailcoat. He still has on a bandanna, though it’s lighter colored compare to his wetsuit. His original outfit is much better, in my opinion. 


The outfits for Team Magma’s grunts seem to have a little more going on than their rivals. Both the men and women are wearing red hoodies over black clothing. I don’t know about you but I’m getting a cult vibe here, especially with Team Magma’s logo and the horns on the hoodies. Unlike Team Aqua, the men have long pants while the ladies wear a skirt. Not a fan of their leg warmers and wristbrands, but they’re not the worse accessories I’ve ever seen.

The uniforms for the admins, Tabitha and Courtney, are very similar to the ones the grunts are wearing. The only difference is both of them have a stripe or two on their outfits and Courtney’s skirt is slightly longer. The stripes are probably to indicate they’re higher rank officers. It would be better if the admins’ uniforms are different to set them more apart from the grunts.

Team Magma’s leader is Maxie, and he has on a high collared shirt. I didn’t like the lava design at first, but then it grew on me. It certainly does fit the team’s theme! The logo being red is a nice touch, too. His pants and shoes are simple, but I don’t think those need any crazy designs. Like Archie, the overall look works well for Maxie.


Team Magma’s grunts also have new outfits. They still wear hoodies and leg warmers (with slight different designs) as before, but now they’re also wearing long-sleeved undershirts. Considering Hoenn is a tropical climate region and the nature of their hideout, the uniforms must be very hot for them! Their original outfits were on the heavy material side too, but manageable. I’m still getting a cult vibe from this team. The women’s shoes are decent enough and I like them better than the previous ones they were wearing. The men’s shoes, though… I’m confused over its design.

Team Magma also gets a staff change with the admins being… Courtney and Tabitha. This time the admin’s uniforms are different from the grunts.Their gloves have a slight different design, mostly having gold added. Courtney likely has on a dress (or a jacket over a dress) with some frills and a hoodie attached. It does look cute on her, I admit. I’m actually lukewarm towards her boots. Tabitha wears leg warmers and an undershirt, like the male grunts, together with a vest hoodie and shorter pants. I’m even more baffled over the design of his shoes than the grunt’s. Are his leg warmers and shoes attached together? And I thought Team Aqua’s pant boots are ridiculous.

Maxie’ is wearing much more clothing than his previous outfit. I already mentioned Team Magma’s uniforms are not the most ideal for Hoenn’s climate, and his is no exception. He has on a coat over a vest and pants. Not only that, he also wears an undershirt and leg warmers. I don’t think I can wear that much clothing during the summer. A new addition is a gold belt, much simpler than Archie’s and his admins. Never seen him wear glasses before, and not sure if I’m digging that particular accessory.

Now that I talked about the new looks of both teams, how about a quick comparison? Even though I have some issues with Team Aqua’s uniforms, their outfits fit for Hoenn much better than Team Magma. The region is well known for its vast ocean, so I can see why Team Aqua went with those clothing choices. Team Magma does look more professional, however. If I were a trainer who comes across the team’s path, I would take them more seriously than Team Aqua. I just hope their outfits won’t give them too much trouble during extremely hot days. The different styles of both teams’ clothing does showcase their rivalry well, Team Magma wanting to expand the land while Team Aqua wanting to expand the ocean.

And that’s all for today’s edition of Fashion Analysis! Tune in next time for more on my thoughts concerning the latest trends in fashion. Stay fabulous, everyone!

Written by Bay Alexison
Edited by bobandbill, Dramatic Melody and Hoenn

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