An Ace Trainer’s Guide to Pokemon Training: The PC and You

The resident Ace Trainer has decided to share a few of his special secrets about training in his new An Ace Trainer’s Guide to Pokemon Training! Be sure to follow and read each entry carefully to possibly become as cool* as him.
*Coolness not guaranteed.

The PC and You

One of the most important tools a trainer has at his or her disposal is the PC. The PC allows you to store and withdraw both Pokemon and items, all digitally. This is so you don’t disturb others with your massive herd of Pokemon, like me before I started using the PC. There are dozens of uses for the PC, but only the main functions will be discussed here.

Storing and Withdrawing Pokemon:
This is widely viewed as the most useful function of the PC. Storing Pokemon is quick and simple. Simply place your Pokeball on the PC’s scanner, something… technological happens, and just like that, your Pokemon is stored in the PC. Withdrawing a Pokemon is just as easy. Using the mouse, click on the Pokemon you would like to withdraw, and then select the “Withdraw” option. That weird, technological thing happens again, and your Pokeball will materialize right in front of you. Wow! However, remember that you may only have six Pokemon in your party at one time, so if you catch a seventh Pokemon while adventuring, something even more amazing and magical that I can’t explain happens, and it automatically gets transferred to your PC. Don’t ask questions. It’s easier that way.

Item Storage:
In addition to storing and withdrawing Pokemon, you can do the exact same thing with items. There is only so much a backpack can hold, after all. The process here is largely the same, though there is a different section that you would go to on the main PC screen. The PC is set to the “Store Pokemon” option as a default. If you want to store items, you will have to click the “Item” button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You could damage your items or the PC if you store the wrong thing under the wrong setting, so be careful! For example, that Rare Candy that you’ve been saving could just melt into a pile of goo. Unfortunately for you, department stores don’t give refunds, so avoid wasting money and always check the setting before you deposit.

Want to see how well your Pokedex is coming along?  Need some advice? Then you can use the “Call-A-Professor” option on the PC. This can be accessed by selecting the said option in the lower left hand corner of the main screen. This will function like a Skype call to the region’s Pokemon professor, so you can talk to them about your Pokedex progress, advice on what to do, or something else. Pokemon professors are extremely busy, so the hours of call time are only 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.  However, you can always leave your contact details for them so they can get back to you when they are available.

This section has been removed from this guide by the Republican Party of the Hoenn region.

Once again, the PC is a wonderful tool for any Pokemon master to utilize. For any more information on the PC, try e-mailing the following people.

Bill, PC expert for Kanto, Johto, and the Sevii Islands:
Lanette, PC expert for Hoenn:
Bebe, PC expert for Sinnoh:
Amantia, PC expert for Unova:

Written by Phoopes.

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