Top 10 Most Confusing English Pokémon Name Pronunciations

November 30th, 2014

[Image: 98.png]
Warning: This list may make you feel… /KRAH-bee/.

It may not be evident, but there’s a lot of work that goes into giving a species of Pokémon a name. The name of a Pokémon usually features a play on one or two words which refer to either the real-life basis of the Pokémon or an attribute linked to the Pokémon. This leads to many interesting wordplays, word corruptions, and portmanteaus, such as Exeggcute (execute + egg), Whismur (whisper + murmur), and Serperior (serpent + superior). But with these wordplays that would make any linguist proud comes a whole set of pronunciations that would make any linguist cringe, and the latter is what this article will tackle.

Several Pokémon names have easy pronunciations, due to either a very clear portmanteau (Gogoat = go + goat), an easy-to-follow spelling (Eevee = /ee/ + /vee/), or an easily recognizable word corruption (Wynaut = why not?). Unfortunately, the converse is also true, for there are many confusing, questionable, and at times nonsensical Pokémon name pronunciations. A quick Google search would show you entire threads and conversations dedicated to figuring out whether or not this is a long or short I, or whether that C is pronounced like a K or an S.

This article aims to list the 10 English Pokémon names that always find themselves at the end of the question, “How do you pronounce _________?” The most canon sources for the “proper” pronunciations found in this article come from the Pokédex 3D Pro app (for the first five generations) and the announcer of Pokémon Battle Revolution (for the first four generations), with the sixth-generation Pokémon only having the English anime dub as a reference. But those three sources don’t always agree with each other, which shows that maybe the different translators are as confused as we are.

So don’t feel bad if you fall victim to the ten mispronunciations you’ll find here. Chances are, you’re part of a very, very large group.
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Pokemon Analysis: The Seel Line!

November 23rd, 2014

Did its horn get smaller upon evolving…?

This time, we’re back to marine life, as well as our first Ice type of these Pokémon Analysis articles. And they’re pretty adorable looking Pokémon too! Seel and Dewgong are our focus this time around. They may not win any awards in the clever/unique naming scheme and ‘based on’ categories out of all the Pokémon, but they do have a certain charm to them all the same.
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New games, new articles!

November 21st, 2014

With the gradual arrival of the new Pokemon ORAS games around the world over the next week, you can look forward to some new activity here on the Wynaut? Magazine. We’ll review the features that we would have liked to have seen – which made it in, which didn’t, and what else has changed. A general review may be posted too, and a few other ORAS and Hoenn-related articles will come about as well. You can also expect a new Pokemon Analysis line article to come out soon, later followed by the standard Name Rater and Fan Works articles as well. If you’d like to contribute to these, sign up to our forum!

Do also check out our Tumblr page, on which impressions on ORAS will be shared. Another neat addition for the BBS may also show up in a month or two, so stay tuned for that too.

We’re hoping you in America, Canada, Australia and the like are enjoying the games, and that you guys in Europe can hang in there for another week!

The Coffee Guy’s Rants: Remakes, Get Off My Lawn

October 25th, 2014

Cover your ears, for the famed Coffee Guy from Viridian City has a rant to share!


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Fan Work Reviews: toufu’s Manga

September 21st, 2014

A new segment we’re starting on Wynaut? is Fan Work Reviews! The general idea is that here we’ll feature a piece of Pokémon-themed work (be it writing, art, music, a nuzlocke, or anything else creatively inclined) that we feel is worth more attention. If you know of any pieces of work that you feel would qualify, feel free to suggest it, or even join the forums to write up a review yourself! You can even suggest one of your own pieces of work… but note that we’d still need to agree that it’s worth showing off here. Another word of warning is that there’ll be some criticism too within each review. Works here are definitely to be admired, but nothing is without flaws.

To start off our series is a piece of fanmade manga by a Japanese artist. While the downside is that all the text is in Japanese, it’s still something you can follow the general story of. And its art and general quirks are what set it apart and make it worthwhile to read.

[Image: comic_shinx_feelingfine.png]
The Shinx here feels you really ought to check it out. Our advice is to listen to the Shinx.

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Fashion Focus – Team Magma and Team Aqua

August 31st, 2014

Hello and welcome to Fashion Analysis, where I discuss what’s hot in fashion! For today I’ll be talking about the villainous teams from the Hoenn region, Team Magma and Team Aqua. Both teams not only went through different outfits, but staff changes too! Makes things more exciting, don’t you think?

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Forum Events & Achievement System!

August 25th, 2014

Yes, a short advertisement!

The BBS Forums are currently running a posting blitz, coupled with a number of events to be held over the next week, such as a game of Mafia (kill or be killed), writing prompts, and wifi battling. Also a thread just for CAPSLOCK AND GIFS. Why not register and join in?

In addition, we’ve also launched a Achievement Hunter system. The link gives more details, but the gist is that you can get achievements that can be displayed in your profile and postbit, coupled with points.

How do you get achievements? By completing tasks. They range from doing stuff on the forums (like posting your works, or just posting in general), on Wynaut? (like helping edit or write articles via the forum), or for stuff you do in Pokemon (like beating the games [main and spinoff!], or watching the anime, or sharing a new piece of Pokemon merch you got). You can even suggest new achievements for the system – it can always get bigger! But basically – talk about stuff you did in the games or with other canon, and/or contribute stuff on the forums, and get rewards.

The points? Well, that’s up to you on how to use them. The shop system the forum has allows you to buy stuff like profile customisations, or your own ‘shop’ that you can run and offer services like Pokemon trades or an art shop for more points! Rumor has it a forum RPG/Anime-Style Battling section might go up soon too, which’d also use these points. And points are on top of a shiny badge once the system is fully implemented too.

So join in! We don’t bite. Much.

Wyatt may bite, though.

We’ll soon resume with more articles!

Cheating? In my VGC?

August 10th, 2014

Pokémon has always been one of those games where players have access to cheat codes and devices, going all the way back to the first two generations. The Game Shark and Action Replay were staples and made you the cool kid of any school playground. After all, what kid wasn’t amused by the idea of a Sunkern with 999 stats and moves like Flamethrower? 

But there’s the other side of it. People don’t exactly like it when you beat them up with hacked Pokémon, and that can be a fair enough viewpoint. Throw in a recent event in this year’s Pokémon VGCs (Video Game Competition) in America, and you get an interesting topic of discussion. Here we look at both sides of the debate on how ‘right’ it may be to use the newest of the external devices – the Power Save – to help you prepare for a Pokémon competition, and let you weigh up both sides of the debate. Warning – a few battling terms exist in this article.

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Pokémon from outside your console! [Part One]

August 3rd, 2014

Most of us have played more than one Pokémon game. After a game is finished, chances are that the next one will be loaded into your console. But how would you define ‘finishing’ a Pokémon game? Is it simply beating the Pokémon League? Or is it beating the Pokémon League and finishing the post-game events? To go even further, it might even be completing the entire Pokédex. An even larger extreme is to have all the Pokémon in the Pokédex at Lv 100, regardless of whether they’ve evolved or not.

But how do we get the access to all these Pokémon? Even after weeks of hard work, you’d find that certain Pokémon can only be evolved by trading and certain Pokémon need to be transferred from the other version of the game. Some are even distributed solely in Nintendo events. The general consensus is that if you want to beat the game, you’re going to need help. And that’s what we’re following in this article. We’ll also examine how various features of the Pokémon games took advantage of the ability to link between each other, across all the generations.

The owner wanted to attach an Everstone before trading Haunter over, but his friend didn’t like the idea for some reason.

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From RSE to ORAS – Top Ten Wanted Improvements

June 30th, 2014

A lot of people got terribly excited when Game Freak finally went and announced remakes to the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games. We’ll be able to revisit Hoenn in all its watery, tropical glory on the 3DS with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. But naturally, even in remakes there will be changes and improvements. FRLG embraced the running shoes, and added in the Sevii Islands. HGSS arguably went further in implementing little changes, additions and improvements – from having Pokémon follow you, to adding in a Safari Zone and Gym Leader rematches. 

And we can expect new additions in ORAS as well. We already know that the other 3rd gen starters get Mega Forms, as does Sableye. But what things in RSE will carry over to the remakes, and how will they change? This list are some of the things I’d like to see improved upon in the remakes, and why. Note that this list only involves aspects that were part of RSE; while things like Amie were great fun, they’re not being considered here. There’s also a follow-up article which examines which of these did improve, and more.

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Spinarak/Ariados Works!

June 16th, 2014

As before, we end our articles on the Spinarak line with a collection of fanworks of the Pokémon! Although they’re not the most memorable of generation two Pokémon, there’s a wealth of art out there on the pair of Pokémon. 

And don’t worry – nearly every artist got the number of legs right.

Follow the links to visit the source page for the work, and maybe see if any other works by the artists catch your interest too!

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Top 10 Most Annoying NPCs

June 9th, 2014
Pokémon has reached its 6th generation, and with 22 mainstream games alone, there’s a wide variety of characters. We’ve gotten really cool NPC’s, like Lance and Cynthia. We’ve been introduced to truly kind NPC’s, like Roark or Lanette. We’ve seen some really interesting recurring characters, like Bill and Red. But, of course, as far as characters go, we’ve also seen some really annoying ones.

Being annoying is not always a bad thing. After all, there are annoying people in real life, too, so it can add a layer of realism. Some of the annoying characters in Pokémon are annoying in this way, intentionally and for a good reason, and we love them for it. Who didn’t love beating Silver time after time, as he continued to be a total jerk? So, this list is not about those characters.

This list is dedicated to those NPC’s who drive us nuts, and not in a good way. They shake us away from the game, make us irritated, make us dread the next time we may have to interact with them in the game. In some ways, their presence – or at least their behavior – almost takes away from the experience. But hey, at least it makes for good stories later!

Here’s my top list of 10 Most Annoying NPCs in the world of Pokémon.

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What’s a VGC event like anyway?

June 1st, 2014

Every so often, Pokémon tournaments have been run by fans and officials, and they’ve even picked up in frequency ever since generation five started. Some have been hosted online, and a slew of those are expected to start over the coming months as well for Pokémon X&Y.

But there’s the other sort of tournament, where you go out and battle people in the flesh with your 3DSs. …No, not by whacking each other, you still just fight via Pokémon battles. But what is such an event like, and what sort of people go to these events? And how many, for that matter? Recently a few of us had the chance to go and check out a VGC event ourselves in Sydney, Australia.

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Gym Reviews: Johto

May 4th, 2014

Hello, readers. My name’s Bill, and I’ve been running the operations of Brick ‘n’ Break for the last few years. And we’re the best of the best. Well, the best available anyways. That’s what our logo says after all.

You may have read my recount of how we made all those Gyms we constructed in Kanto. The Gym Leaders supply the plans, and we make it happen, no matter how wacky or insipid the idea. This time, I’ll take you through our creations within the Johto region.
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Pokémon Places: Mt. Pyre

April 13th, 2014

Through the generations we have traveled, we’ve found interesting places. Of course, breathtaking sights and treacherous passes are common in and around the regions. But ‘interesting’ includes other stuff. Stuff that frightens you, stuff that brings you sorrow. And one such place to take into consideration is Mt. Pyre, the eerie mountain-graveyard of the Hoenn region. There’s a lot of history stored in this site, and this place may yet tell many unheard tales of the Hoenn region. Standing on the top of this mystic Mt. Fire will set your soul ablaze… wait, what am I saying? I meant Mt. Pyre, yes, and it’s not going to do anything like that! Read on, if you would like the reassurance.

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